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These Hacks Will Help All Your Plants Survive When You’re On Vacation

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Before leaving, you might want to relocate the mid-maintenance, tropical plants that you typically water at least once a week (philodendron, pothos, etc.).

Sonam Aditya, the founder of Plant Shoppe in San Antonio, recommends moving them further away from windows so that they will get slightly less light (and therefore, require less water)–especially if you live in a hot, sunny place. Drawing a sheer curtain can also soften the lighting on your plants, adds Leung.

“We always tell people to put all their plants together so they can create a micro-system of their own,” Aditya says. “That way, all your plants are keeping each other warm and humid.” Clustering your houseplants together away from the window should extend the time they can go in between waterings.

Again, give all your plants a good soak, preferably in the morning, before you head off on your adventure. And remember to turn off any air conditioner units, which will leave your plants (not to mention, your bank account) parched while you’re away.

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