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These Mattresses Will Save You Space & Money — But They Don’t Cut Corners On Comfort


Remi Rosmarin

December 31, 2022


By Remi Rosmarin


Remi Rosmarin has years of experience testing and reviewing products in the style, beauty, and home space for publications like Insider, The Quality Edit, and Food52.

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December 31, 2022

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On average people spend about one-third of their lifetime sleeping1, and this sleep is vital to our overall health. Sleep affects our metabolism, mental processing, immune system functioning, muscle repair, and so much more. It’s safe to say you should do what you can to prioritize some good zzz’s each night–and a great mattress is an easy first step.

While there are a range of bed sizes to shop, a full-size mattress is one of the most common options. It’s large enough to sleep two but still small enough to fit into space that are less generous with square footage. What’s more, it’s a great way to save money when splurging on a mattress for your space, as it’s often more affordable than other options designed for two, like a queen or king. After all, just because you can’t fit a queen or king in your space, it doesn’t mean you can’t sleep like royalty.

Below, we uncover our favorite full-size mattress of 2023.

The best full-size mattresses of 2023:

Best memory foam

Helix PlusGo to review

Best innerspring

The WinkBedGo to review

Best for stomach sleepers

Saatva Classic MattressGo to review

Best for side sleepers

Casper Original MattressGo to review

Best for all sleep styles

Leesa Sapira HybridGo to review

Best for back pain

Nolah EvolutionGo to review

How to choose the best full size mattress.

One thing is for sure: sleep is not one-size-fits-all. Personalizing your sleep setup to your preferences and needs is essential. To gain some insight on what to consider when choosing the best full size mattress for you, we spoke with Wendy Troxel, PhD, sleep medicine expert, senior behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation,and author of Sharing the Covers: Every Couple’s Guide to Better Sleep.

“General features to look for are the degree of firmness versus softness, size of the bed, what material the mattress is made from (e.g., natural, organic versus synthetic), and particularly for people who share a bed with a partner, the degree of mattress displacement,” Troxel shares. Mattress displacement has to do with how responsive the bed is to movement, which can impact sleep especially when sharing a bed with a partner who tosses and turns.

When it comes to picking a mattress, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind. “Lighter (weight) individuals and those who tend to be side sleepers, tend to do better on softer mattresses, whereas heavier people and those who tend to be predominantly back or stomach sleepers tend to do better on firmer mattresses,” Troxel advises. These are not hard and fast rules, though. If you can, try out some mattresses to get a feel for what you like before committing. Every brand on our list offers a generous trial period–so if the mattress you choose doesn’t meet your preferences, you can return it and try another.

Who should buy a full size mattress?

A full-size mattress is ideal for people with small spaces or those working with a budget. Full-size mattresses tend to be less expensive than queen or king models, since they’re a decent amount smaller. If budget is limited and you don’t mind a smaller bed, you can save money on a high-quality mattress when you choose a full.

A full-size mattress can fit two people, though you’ll likely feel pretty snug. At the end of the day, if you’re space conscious and sleeping in a smaller bedroom, a full is the way to go.

How we picked:


Whenever possible, we opt for environmentally-conscious brands that prioritize sustainable materials and manufacturing. At a minimum, we looked for beds made with GOLS-, GOTS-, and Oeko-Tex-certified materials.


A mattress is a big investment, so we chose products that deliver on great quality. This means mattresses made with top-notch materials that will last for years, with quality warranties and extensive trial periods.

Customer Feedback

Again, everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleep setup and mattress type. We read reviews for each product to be sure these mattresses are loved by a wide range of people.

Everyone deserves a great night’s sleep, no matter their budget. That’s why we included beds at a variety of price points.

Our picks for the best full-size mattresses of 2023:

Best memory foam: Helix Plus


Great for plus-size sleepersDurable and supportive


Not the most responsive surface

Materials: Memory foamFoamWrapped coils

Sizes Available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King

Trial Period: 100 nights

Warranty: 15-year limited warranty

Another hybrid choice, this mattress features wrapped coils surrounded by layers of foam. Designed to support plus-size and big & tall folks, each layer of foam in this bed serves a different purpose in creating the right amount of cushion, contour, pressure relief, and durability. The bed has a medium feel, which tends to work for just about every sleeping position.

What really sets this mattress apart is its high-density foam. Not only does this foam ensure heavier bodies will be supported by the bed, but it’s more durable than lower-density foams that are prone to sagging. Because the coils are individually wrapped, there’s limited motion transfer, making this a good option for couples. The edge support is also quite solid, thanks to reinforced sides. A breathable Tencel cover helps keep you cool–but if you really sleep hot, you may want to spring for the cooling cover, which you can purchase for an extra $149.

This mattress will come to your door compressed in a box. Simply unpack it, unroll it, and unwrap it. Then let it expand for about an hour. Just be aware: it is heavy, so you may want someone around to give you a hand while setting it up.

Overall, the mattress has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, with over 2,200 reviews. People tend to praise the cloud-like feel, the quality design, and how comfortable it is. One negative reviewer notes that the surface is not very responsive, which is typical of memory foam.

Best innerspring: The WinkBed


Excellent edge support & breathabilityMultiple firmness optionsSupportive hybrid design


Uses some synthetic foamsToo firm for some

Materials: FoamTempered steel/Iron coils

Sizes Available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King

Trial Period: 120 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

While technically a hybrid, its layer of supportive recycled, individually wrapped steel coils landed it a spot on our picks for the best innerspring mattresses. That, combined with a gel-infused cooling foam, makes this mattress a great “best of both worlds” pick. It’s also a great choice for stomach sleepers and people with back pain, thanks to the firmer design.

The mattress comes in four firmness options: soft, luxury firm, firm, and plus. The models vary slightly in terms of materials, which is what gives them all a unique feel. The soft, for example, boasts a plush Euro-pillow top, while the firm includes a firmer version of the pillow top. No matter the firmness, every WinkBed is designed to support your spine, eliminate muscle tension and joint pain, and help you get a great night’s sleep by keeping cool and comfortable. Just note, even the softest option tends to be too firm for some.

The brand claims you can go from box to bed in 5 minutes. While we can’t guarantee that, we can say that the unboxing process seems pretty seamless. Simply open the box, unwrap the plastic covering and unfold the bed onto your bed frame. Then, remove the inner plastic wrap and let the bed expand. Reviewers say it may take a bit to break in, but it’s ready.

Because this bed comes in a few different models, it really appeals to all types of sleepers. It has a 4.8 overall rating and more than 8,000 reviews. Many reviewers have shared that WinkBed helped them with their lower back pain. One sleeper says, “It’s been years since I have woken up pain free! I never knew how much of a difference a great mattress would make until now. I absolutely love it.”


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Best for stomach sleepers: Saatva Classic Mattress


Free in-room delivery and setupOrganic and hypoallergenic materials usedPressure-relieving


Memory foam

Materials: Memory foamFoamRecycled steel pocketed coilsTempered steel coils

Sizes Available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingSplit KingCalifornia KingSplit California King

Trial Period: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

Just looking at this mattress, you can tell it offers a luxurious sleep experience. The durable base is made from steel coils to prevent sagging and promote airflow. Above this, another layer of pocketed coils provides support and spinal alignment. The two coil laters are topped with high-density memory foam to relieve pressure points and support the lower back. On top is a plush-yet-supportive Euro pillow top and a breathable, cooling, hypoallergenic organic cotton cover.

There are three firmness options to choose from: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Luxury firm is the brand’s bestseller, with a medium firmness that’s recommended for any sleep style. Plush soft features a little extra padding in the pillow top, for those who love a cushiony, cloud-like mattress. The firm option has firmer foams that make it ideal for back and stomach sleepers, or those who simply prefer a firm surface to sleep on.

Saatva delivers all its mattresses with white glove delivery–meaning they’ll never be rolled up or compressed. The team will deliver your mattress to your room and set it up for you. They’ll also dispose of your old mattress if you’d like. The best part? This service is included in your purchase cost. Once it’s set up, your bed is ready for sleeping.

This mattress has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on the brand’s website. Out of over 2,600 5-star reviews, most comment on how comfortable and supportive the mattress is. Many also note how great the customer service experience is. One shopper who credits this mattress for relieving their back pain says, “This Saatva mattress supports my lower back area and I could feel it right away. Absolutely, positively no more lower back pain when I lie down. The best sleep I’ve had in over a year!”

Best for kids: Tuft & Needle Original Mattress


SupportiveBreathable, machine-washable coverQuick delivery


Some kids may find too firm

Materials: Foam

Sizes Available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King

Trial Period: 100 nights

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

With just two layers of foam, the design of this mattress is quite simple. There’s a base of supportive foam and a top layer of cooling, contouring foam (which was created based on real customer feedback). Because this mattress does not have memory foam, it provides a more neutral feel compared to the sink-in sensation memory foam often has.

A breathable cotton cover makes this a great option for kids, helping them to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night–and it’s also easy to spot clean in the case of an accident. On the more affordable side for a quality mattress, it’s a good value for growing kids whose needs may change in just a few years. And, if needs do change and you’re looking for a softer bed, the brand makes a plush mattress topper that makes for an affordable upgrade without the need to buy a whole new bed.

Expect your mattress to come to your door rolled up and boxed within 2 to 5 business days of your order. Once received, take it out of the box and remove the outer layer of plastic. Unroll the mattress, remove the second layer of plastic, and let the bed expand. The brand recommends you give your mattress at least two hours to reach its full size.

Many parents have left reviews confirming that this is a great mattress for kids. This one stands out in particular: “I bought this bed for our growing 9 year old daughter. It took her a couple of nights however she sleeps like she has been given a Benadryl now. Looking at purchasing my husband and I a new mattress now.”


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Best for side sleepers: Casper Original Mattress


Great motion isolationBreathable and cooling, great for hot sleepers


Not the best edge support

Materials: Memory foamFoam

Sizes Available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King

Trial Period: 100 nights

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

Made with a base of CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam, a layer of memory foam, and a perforated foam top, this is a great choice for anyone who desires the memory foam feel. The base is durable and designed to keep you supported, without any sinking or sagging. The middle memory foam layer has three ergonomic zones, delivering targeted support to various regions of your body.

Memory foam mattresses tend to be a good choice for side sleepers, thanks to the way it contours around specific pressure points. This model is designed with softer foam around the shoulders and firmer foam at the hips, waist, and lower back, to promote proper spinal alignment and comfort, no matter what position you sleep in. The top layer of body-conforming foam features thousands of perforations to increase airflow and regulate your temperature throughout the night. Couples will also enjoy this mattress, thanks to its stellar motion control–and the cooling properties make it a great choice for anyone who sleeps hot.

As the pioneers of the bed-in-a-box movement, Casper has made the unboxing process simple. Open the box and let the mattress unroll in its plastic wrap. Once it’s flat, remove the plastic and you can sleep on it right away. In-home delivery and set-up are available for an added cost of $199.

Casper’s memory foam is CertiPUR-US-certified, but the memory foam material and excessive plastic use in the packaging make this not the most sustainable choice, to say the least.

This is the brand’s bestselling mattress, with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, based off of over 21,000 reviews. Thousands of reviewers credit Casper as the secret to their stellar sleep, including one who writes, ” Today I took a nap JUST so I could be on the bed, and I ended up sleeping for an extra hour because the bed was so comfy. Just buy it. You won’t regret it.”

Best for all sleep styles: Leesa Sapira Hybrid


Medium firmness is suitable for most sleepersWhite glove delivery for an added feeCooling properties


Heavy (full size weighs 96 pounds), which can make it hard to moveHigher price point

Materials: Memory foamFoamPocket springs

Sizes Available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King

Trial Period: 100 nights

Warranty: 10-year

In order from base to top, this mattress features a foam base, 1,000+ 6-inch pocket springs, another foam layer, contouring memory foam, and a cooling foam, all wrapped in a soft and breathable knit cover. The hybrid design creates a medium-firm feel that works well for all types of sleepers, making this an ideal bed for couples. Memory foam, while not a sustainable option, is an excellent material for movement isolation. In other words, you won’t feel it every time your partner moves through the night. The mattress is bouncy and supportive, but still boasts a softness that cradles your body.

The materials are CertiPUR-US certified, which means the mattress is made without ozone depleters, phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other materials that are harmful to people and the planet. It’s also worth noting that Leesa is a certified B corp. Social impact is part of the brand’s DNA; for every 10 Leesa mattresses sold, one is donated to a family in need.

Leesa mattresses are made to order. Once you place your order and your mattress is ready to go, it should ship within 3 to 5 business days and will arrive compressed and rolled up in a box. Simply unwrap the plastic packaging and watch it inflate. You’ll want to wait about 24 to 48 hours for the mattress to fully expand before sleeping on it.

Leesa does offer a white glove delivery service for an added cost of $199. With this, two people will deliver and set up the mattress for you, as well as remove your old mattress from your room. This service is only available in specific locations, but the brand’s customer service team can help clarify if it’s available for you.

With over 1,600 5-star reviews, this mattress maintains a 4.5 out of 5-star rating overall. Customers claim the mattress helps ease persistent back pain, and side and back sleepers say they have “never slept better.”


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Best for back pain: Nolah Evolution


Temperature regulatingGreat spinal alignment and supportMultiple firmness options


Heavy, can be difficult to move Memory foam

Materials: Memory foamSteel coils

Sizes Available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingSplit KingCalifornia King

Trial Period: 120 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

With seven layers, each designed to provide unique benefits, this is the most high-tech mattress on our list. Here’s a quick rundown of the layers from top to bottom: Cooling, quilted Euro topper for breathability and cushion; a border gusset for heat dissipation; a layer of graphite-infused foam to regulate your body temperature; a layer of high-resilience foam; a layer of high-density foam; a supportive layer of coils; and an eco-friendly foundation layer made from recycled plant fiber. Together, these layers provide just about everything you’d want from a mattress: edge support, spinal support, and a cool night’s sleep. The materials, however, could be more sustainable. That said, the brand makes all its mattresses in the United States and does offer a more eco-friendly choice, the Nolah Natural Mattress.

The pillowy, comfort layer on top provides a cushioned resting spot, while the coils support your spine. These proprietary Tri-Zone(TM) coils provide targeted support and promote spinal alignment, making this a solid choice for people with back pain. We’ve included this mattress on a number of our roundups, such as the best mattresses for scoliosis, the best mattresses for pregnancy, and the best medium-firm mattresses. Where firmness is concerned, choose from a plush, luxury firm, or firm, depending on your sleeping position and comfort preferences.

You can either have your mattress shipped to your door for free and handle the setup yourself, or select white glove delivery for an additional $225. The setup is fairly straightforward, though. Simply unbox, unwrap, and let expand. Because the mattress is heavy, it’s best to move it to its designated position before unwrapping.

This mattress has a whopping 4.9 overall rating (out of 5). Overwhelmingly, customers love the cooling, comfort, and pressure relief. One raves, “I have been sleeping like a log on this new mattress. I have musculoskeletal pain throughout my body and it has been diminished when I lay down/sleep on this mattress.”


What is the difference between a full and queen bed?

Size is the only difference between a full and queen bed. Generally speaking a full-size bed measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a queen-size bed measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Which mattress is best spring or foam?

Typically, side sleepers prefer a softer bed (often made from foam), while stomach and back sleepers tend to enjoy the support of a spring mattress. Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences.

The takeaway.

A full-size mattress is a great space-saving, less expensive choice, and plenty of high-quality designs come in this size. When choosing the best model for you, keep in mind your comfort preferences, sleeping position, any existing conditions, and preferred materials. If you’re seeking something a bit more tailored to your needs than size alone, check out our other mattress guides. Whether you’re an athlete looking for a mattress that boosts recovery, someone looking for a bed that’ll relieve back pain, or you’re just shopping for a bed on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

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