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These Two Zodiac Signs Make Passionate Lovers — And Even Better Friends

Sagittarius & Scorpio compatibility.

Scorpio is an intense fixed water sign that can be somewhat secretive and reserved, whereas Sagittarius is an expansive, curious mutable fire sign with an insatiable craving to taste everything life has to offer.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and Sagittarius is the ninth, making this pairing a semisextile aspect that sits one sign apart. When thinking about semisextile couples, you do not get quite the positive impression you would as when thinking of a trine pair since they are so different on the surface.

Scorpio is fixed, and Sagittarius is mutable. Scorpio is ruled by secretive Pluto, and Sagittarius is ruled by boisterous Jupiter. Scorpio is a water sign, and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Scorpio is yin which makes them more introverted, and Sagittarius is yang, making them more extroverted.

However, what many do not know is that neighboring sun signs–though different–have a lot more in common than meets the eye. The personal planets–Mercury, Venus, and Mars–all travel closely to one another around the sun, which means that semisextile couples often have several conjunctions in their synastry. (Conjunctions in astrology mean that the planets are in the same zodiac sign, which brings likenesses and connection.)

And no matter their differences, nothing discourages Scorpio or Sagittarius from getting what they want. If anything, their variations only make them more fascinated by one another.

Initially, Sagittarius will see Scorpio as a challenge, but what Scorpio does not know is that centaurs eat challenges for breakfast. The harder something is to achieve, the brighter the Sagittarius’s flames will grow.

Professional Australian astrologer Amber Harkin of The Cosmic Playground ruminates, “They mostly experience life through a completely different lens. However, that is what makes them most fascinating to each other. The two signs have so much to learn from one another. If they remain open, they might see how their energies can actually help bring out parts hidden within the other.”


Sagittarius and Scorpio sit next to each other on the zodiac wheel. This placement can typically cause resistance between two signs because it means they are very different. But in the case of this pairing, once they get over their disparities, they can find a really enriching partnership.


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In a friendship.

In a friendship, Sagittarius is the one that can bring Scorpio out of its shell. Sagittarians are always wearing their hearts on their sleeves, which makes them vulnerable. However, Scorpio is the most protective sign in the zodiac and will protect their Centaurs’ optimistic soul from any energy suckers they attract.

Sagittarius is also brilliant at looking at the big picture, while Scorpio is incredible at uncovering details, making them an effective team. Harkin agrees that these two make for a fitting friendship, saying, “This pair as friends makes an unforgettable duo… Where they might feed off each other is in their risk-taking. Where they may be different is in their quite opposite needs for quiet time versus social outings.”

Canadian astrologer and founder of Cosmic Kat Kasandra Martinez agrees that this is a great zodiac alliance. “Sag and Scorpio friends can be thick as thieves! Encouraging each other’s dreams, spoiling each other with adventures and fun nights out–their loyalty to one another despite their vices or faults can be both a source of connection or enablement. Scorpio will forgive Sag for leaving with the hot guy at their birthday party, and Sag will remind everyone how Scorps ride-or-die attitude far outweighs their general moodiness.”

She believes that this dynamic works wonders in a friendship–even better, in some cases, than it does in a romantic companionship.


Scorpio and Sagittarius are both risk-takers who will have each other’s backs through the ups and downs of life. They have all the astrological makings of a lifelong friendship.

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In a relationship.

When it comes to intimacy with this pair, there is much for them to learn–but nothing that they cannot figure out. The way they look at sex is different, for example, but that does not make them incompatible.

Scorpio looks at physical oneness as a sacred act and wants an unspoken, shared ecstasy, while Sagittarius would prefer a no-strings-attached approach with a wilder and more verbose vibe. They are both intense in their own way and can even overpower one another with their shared passion.

The trick for Sagittarius is to know that there is more than what lies on the surface with sex, while Scorpio should make an effort to let loose and free themselves in the bedroom. Writer and astrologer Liz Simmons from The Crone states, “Sagittarius and Scorpio will likely have excellent sensual compatibility. Both zodiac signs are naturally erotic since Scorpio has secret desires waiting to be unleashed and Sagittarius has the open-mindedness to try anything once.”

If there’s one word to describe this couple, Harkin, Martinez, and Simmons all agree that it’s passion. If Sag and Scorpio are able to burn their flame steadily rather than at both ends, they will have a powerful connection.

These two signs will also bond over their attempts to answer life’s most burning questions. With Sagittarius, it’s called “inquisitiveness,” and with Scorpio, it’s called “control.” The archer’s curious nature is forever asking straightforward inquiries and demanding logical answers, never resting until they have been convinced. Scorpio goes about discovering the truth in a more subtle way.

It can be rather amusing to observe the two of them attempting to find out everything about one another. Sagittarius will be determined to rip off all of Scorpio’s layers to truly understand their enigma, but Scorpio will not make it easy for them.


Sagittarius and Scorpio have a passionate sexual connection, and their shared curiosity can give their romantic relationship depth.


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Ways they match up.

Scorpio and Sagittarius both carry a strong desire to learn, experience, and grow. “Although these two zodiac signs have different ways of experiencing life, they can push one another to seek out otherworldly adventures,” says Simmons. “Both Scorpio and Sagittarius seek exhilarating, mystifying opportunities that will help them evolve as people.”

There is no denying that Scorpio has lessons of freedom, optimism, and self-honesty to learn from Sagittarius, which at times they will actively dislike. Yet, the situation will be somewhat softened by the Sagittarian’s tolerance for Scorpio’s faults and failings. They understand why Scorpios live life so intensely and with such great poignancy. Sagittarius likes to avoid such heavy emotional burdens and will always be happy to cheer Scorpio up when times get tough.


Scorpio and Sagittarius share the design to always seek opportunities to learn, experience new things, and grow as people.


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Where conflict might arise.

While this pair can get along like two peas in a pod, there are certainly opportunities for conflict.

There is absolutely nothing sneaky about Sagittarius, thanks to their naturally boisterous personality. Their candor is a blessing from Jupiter. They like to make their point loud and clear but never from a place of premeditated revenge. However, Scorpio prefers to keep a more demure presence, so they won’t like it when Sagittarius starts to kiss and tell.

If these signs can figure out a way to connect through sincere communication while keeping certain things private, they will find a place of contentment. Sagittarius has the gift of being able to bring anyone out of their shell and live life larger, and Scorpio is no exception to this rule.

“They truly start to clash when they try to change one another and can’t see the other’s perspective,” says Martinez. “Scorpio is not into Sag’s fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants life and craves some maturity, while Sag is turned off by Scorpio’s tendency to only see the dark side of things. Both signs possess a bit of a ‘know-it-all’ energy that is more fun when they turn it on the world than on each other!”


Sagittarius is naturally more outgoing and free-spirited than secretive Scorpio, which could cause some tension. However, the signs can overcome their differences when they fully accept each other and hold space for honest communication and compromise.


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The takeaway.

Sagittarius and Scorpio, though very different signs, can make for passionate lovers and potentially even better friends. If this duo can accept each other, they can achieve wonderful things in their adventures through life and love.

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