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This Carotenoid Reduces Wrinkles & Age Spots In As Little As 6 (!) Weeks*

A quick refresher on astaxanthin: A member of the carotenoid family, astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant that comes from microalgae–when fish (salmon, shrimp, crab, etc.) eat this algae, the astaxanthin is what gives them a peachy pigment. It’s a free-radical-fighting powerhouse that is clinically shown to improve skin hydration, increase elasticity, improve skin texture, and–here’s the kicker–reduce fine lines and age spots.*

Just take a look at this comprehensive review on astaxanthin for skin health: The data summary elucidates numerous astaxanthin clinical research studies for skin health outcomes.* For example, in one randomized controlled trial with 46 healthy female participants–researchers found that those who took astaxanthin capsules for six weeks had significantly decreased wrinkle parameters compared to participants who took a placebo pill.*

Another randomized controlled trial studied 65 healthy females and found that participants who took astaxanthin supplements had reduced wrinkles after 16 weeks, compared to the control group.* Finally, when 30 healthy females took astaxanthin capsules and applied a topical astaxanthin solution for eight weeks, their age spots decreased in size; not to mention, they reported an increase in skin elasticity and enhanced skin texture, too.*

Science jargon aside, we have a pretty good idea about the astaxanthin benefits timeline thanks to the collective research on this impressive phytonutrient. For reducing wrinkles, six to 16 weeks seems like the benchmark; for fading age spots, eight weeks sounds like the kicker.* Of course, we’re all unique individuals, so results and personalized timelines can vary for this or any botanical bioactive, but the totality of astaxanthin research is weighty.

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