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This Common Hair Mistake Is Probably Aging You, Says A Celeb Stylist

While the big, fluffy, 90s blowout isn’t going anywhere, we predict 2023 will be the year of “effortless” aesthetics–meaning lived-in color, beautifully tousled textures, and timeless, low-maintenance cuts. All of these fall under Fr?d?ric Fekkai’s approach to cutting and styling (French effortless-chic is his MO); if you’d like to guarantee an elegant, bouncy look this year, Fekkai is your guy.

That said, we thought there was no better time to tap the Pairs-trained icon and founder and CEO of FEKKAI Brands for his top three hair care tips–or, rather, the top three blunders that make him absolutely cringe. Below, find the most common mistakes Fekkai sees all the time and how to remedy each situation.


Choosing the “wrong” hair color.

OK, before we dive in, you should know that there is no “right” or “wrong” color to dye your hair. Please, feel free to opt for a fantasy hue, bold money piece, or really whatever pigment you fancy! But if you’re wondering which color naturally suits you best, Fekkai urges you to take a look at your undertones. For example, if you have an olive or warm undertone and decide to dye it a light, ashy shade of blonde, “it can age your look and appear unnatural,” he says. “You always want to choose a shade that enhances your skin tone and works with your natural hair color.”

If you do wind up with a botched dye job (it happens!), he suggests adding in some darker toned highlights closer to your natural color; this will contrast the hair and soften up the look, he notes.


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Ignoring scalp care.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: If you want healthy, long hair, you have to clean and stimulate the scalp. “Hair growth starts with a healthy scalp,” Fekkai reminds us, which is why he recommends using a scalp detox twice a week to remove buildup, encourage circulation, and stimulate the hair follicles.

Of course, he recommends the FEKKAI Apple Cider Detox Scrub. “In addition to the clarifying benefits of apple cider vinegar, it also has extra-gentle rice exfoliant extracts to remove physical buildup while stimulating the scalp,” he shares. If you have a scalp massager, feel free to use that tool to work in the product: “It will also help activate the cells of hair follicles, providing deeper nourishment resulting in shine, strength, and natural growth for the hair,” he adds.

Avoid washing your hair with scalding water, he continues, since hot water has the ability to strip your scalp (and hair) of natural oils and precious moisture. In fact, if you want to go the extra mile, you can even finish your shower with a cold water rinse: “It will help make your hair shinier, bouncier, and healthier, because it helps close the cuticles after the wash,” he notes.


Using too much hairspray.

Picture this all-too-familiar scenario: You finish off your style with a spritz of hairspray for extra hold, and you wind up with crunchy, stiff strands. “If hairspray is part of your daily styling routine, apply it by spraying it on a brush or comb,” Fekkai shares. “Then brush your hair throughout; this will make it feel less stiff but keep it in place and tame any flyaways.”

See, applying too much product often leads to the aforementioned sticky situation. For many, even a quick shot of hairspray can leave behind a helmet-like shell. That’s why buffering the product with a brush or comb is key–that way, you can apply just a touch of spray and precisely lay down any flyaways. Extra pro tip: You can also use a string of dental floss for an ultra-sleek look.


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The takeaway.

According to Fekkai, scalp care is king, mind your undertones before choosing a dye, and when it comes to styling products, less is more. Of course, proper hair care is the foundation of a stellar style, so don’t forget to tend to the health of your mane before altering your ‘do–we know Fekkai would wholeheartedly agree.


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