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This Hack Will Make Your Sheets Smell Freshly Washed Every Single Night

Our dream mist blend was formulated specifically for relaxation. The lavender base is mixed with sandalwood, which has been used for centuries in meditation practices and grounds our sleepy-time mist. The blend is topped off with Roman chamomile and linden blossom to help ease the mind and promote relaxation after each spritz. It’s generally a best practice to wash your sheets every other week and pillowcases once a week–but, hey, life happens. On days you want a fresh-washed feeling without stripping the bed, this mist can hold you over for a day or two. Trust us, it will make slipping into bed an even more luxurious experience.

Of course, dream mist isn’t only for nighttime use. You can spray this mist every evening, once a week, or whenever you want to add a little extra ahh-sensation to your routine. This mist is multifunctional, so it can be used to add an aromatherapeutic edge to any experience, whether it be your daily rinse, meditation practice, or simply to freshen up any room you enter. You can even keep it by your desk for a midday relaxation break as well.

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