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This Hair Treatment Literally Nursed My Damaged Strands Back To Health

Chemistry hats on: Many repairing treatments can help reconstruct broken hair bonds (damaged from heat styling, chemical processing, and other physical stressors), but each strand is actually made up of three different types of bonds: hydrogen, ionic, and covalent. While plenty of products address hydrogen and ionic bonds (which are weaker and more easily broken), very few can repair covalent bonds, which are the strongest bonds in the hair. “Usually, they can only be formed with careful chemistry design and specific reaction conditions,” Ivy Ji, Living Proof’s director of research and measurement, tells mbg.

Enter, Living Proof’s patented 3D Fortifying Technology. It involves a thermo-reactive process (a fancy phrase meaning it gets activated by heat) that creates new hydrogen, ionic, and covalent bonds, thus strengthening the hair structure and rebuilding strands from the inside out. Translation? Your hair will look and feel literally brand new. The brand even conducted clinical trials and found that bleached hair treated with TBC had a decreased number of broken hair fibers–so much so, in fact, that the bleached strands behaved similarly to virgin hair.

In addition to this patented technology, you’ll find a blend of lipids and peptides to nourish and protect the strands, a biomimetic emollient blend to align and soften the hair fibers, and a cuticle sealing agentto smooth down the surface of hair, resulting in less frizz and more shine. And like all Living Proof products, the scent is sublime.

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