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This Is The Best Nail Shape If You’re Always Using Your Hands + How To Get It

There are seven common nail shapes to choose from, all with a slightly different visual effect. Want to make your fingers look slimmer? There’s a nail shape for that. Are your nails on the thinner side? There’s an optimal shape for that as well.

First, we have square nails which are fairly self-explanatory: The tips are squared off on the edges to give a clean, sleek look. If you like the square shape but prefer something a bit more subtle, squoval may be a better option.

Then, there’s almond and stiletto. Almond shaped nails are the softer of the two and much easier to achieve on a natural nail. Almond nails have a rounded tip but flare out toward the bottom giving the illusion of a point, without any harsh tip.

Stiletto nails on the other hand do come to a point. This shape can technically be achieved on a natural nail, but that nail would have to be pretty long and strong to hold up.

Coffin nails are another, edgier option. This shape consists of round sides with square edges and a flat top. It’s essentially a happy medium between almond and square nails.

Now if you’re looking for something on the natural end of the spectrum, oval and round nails are the way to go. Especially if you like to keep your nails trimmed shorter but still want to shape them, a rounded tip is perfect. This shape isn’t too complicated to achieve and it’s certainly more practical than many of the other looks.

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