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This Is The Secret Sauce To Long-Term Success, Says A No. 1 Bestselling Author

We’ve all been there: You have a specific end goal in mind, but when it comes to actually putting your head down and doing the work, you hit a wall. Oftentimes, the most difficult part of achieving your goals is just getting started, which is why Holiday recommends focusing on the immediate task at hand.

“What’s the most immediate thing in front of me?” he poses. “If I don’t get too concerned or consumed with finished results with where [something] is leading, I tend to do better.” Essentially, just show up where you are and trust the process–the end results will follow. “I like to just wake up and go, ‘What do I have to do today? I’m just gonna focus on that.’ I’m not going to get too overwhelmed with anything bigger or smaller than that,” Holiday adds.

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