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This Mood-Lifting Supplement Soothes My Nervous System During Busy Workweeks

Though I knew very little about nootropics at the time of our focus+ launch, I was convinced this supplement was going to help me become more productive, energized, and focused.

I’m happy to report that I was spot-on with these benefits–focus+ does help improve my attention and support sustained energy levels (due to the combined efforts of sustained-release caffeine from green coffee beans, vitamin B12, guarana, and Panax ginseng).*

But focus+ delivers an unexpected benefit that promotes my overall mental well-being as well: Its mood balance and stress resilience benefits are highly palpable.* I’m not only on-task and productive throughout the day, but also relaxed about my to-do list in a way I honestly didn’t think was possible.

And this mood lift is noticeable to others, too! After finishing up my first month of focus+, there was about a week gap before my new bottle arrived. When it finally did, I took it the next morning and felt ready to take on the day. I greeted my coworkers with a sunny disposition during our early morning meeting and explained that my fantastic mood was entirely due to focus+. (Thank you, nootropics!)

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