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This Moon Sign Can Have Major Issues With Codependency, Astrologers Say

Moon in Libra meaning.

Your moon sign is related to which zodiac sign the moon was in when you were born. Where your sun sign represents how you view or think about yourself, your moon sign is how you feel about yourself, and represents your emotions, intuition, and personal inner world.

If there’s anything to know about Libra as a sign, it’s that it’s very relationship-oriented and strives for peace, harmony, and justice. It’s actually represented by the scales–the only astrological sign symbolized by an inanimate object–which is a reflection of Libra’s objective and fair mindset.

So to have a Libra moon, then, means Libra values and traits will heavily influence the way you feel about yourself, and how you relate to other people on an emotional level.

As astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D. previously told mindbodygreen, “The Libra moon is like the ultimate hostess. Its love language is about connection, because it’s ruled by Venus,” adding that Libra is a very charming and diplomatic sign.

And according to astrologer Desiree Roby Antila, something else to understand about Libra moons is that their minds are particularly intellectual, being an air sign. “A way they connect with people emotionally is definitely through intellect, and Libra is ruled by Venus, so they really like harmony and beauty and balance,” she explains.


If your moon is in Libra that means the moon was in Libra when you were born. To have a Libra moon means Libra values and traits will heavily influence the way you feel about yourself, and how you relate to other people on an emotional level.


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Moon in Libra traits.

How a libra moon manifest in someone as a whole will greatly depend on the rest of their birth chart, but ultimately, Libra moons are diplomatic, charming, and social intellectuals. They love and value their relationships and connecting with others–and yes, they can be quite flirty. (They may not even mean to be, they’re just very friendly, which can get them into trouble with having too many suitors.)

As Roby Antila explains, these are people who are likely to intellectualize their emotions, as well. While they can be emotional, she notes that they’re much more likely to overanalyze their emotions than actually feel them. And they may hesitate to burden anyone with what they’re going through, too.

Being a sign that’s very invested in justice and equality, the biggest thing that upsets a Libra moon is injustice of any kind. Don’t be surprised if they’re activists for social justice or always rooting for the underdog. In terms of making them happy, this Venus-ruled sign loves all things culture, beauty, and art, as well as being in balanced environments where everyone is getting along.

Because Libra moons are so good at seeing all sides of an issue, however, Roby Antila explains that they can be pretty indecisive. “It’s like a double edged sword, because they can see both sides, so there’s a lot of gray area with Libra– they’re not a super black and white personality,” she adds.

They can also become very preoccupied by their relationships (which we’ll touch on more shortly), which Roby Antila says will likely be one of their biggest areas of growth throughout their lives. “The shadow side of this moon is there can be codependency, so it’s like hard for the for these people to be single or alone,” she says.

Libra moon keywords:


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Moon in Libra in relationships.

Libra moons can make excellent partners in the sense that they’re very understanding and accommodating to others’ needs, but Roby Antila warns against codependency and/or too much self sacrifice. Similarly, understanding what people expect or want from them can lead Libra moons to be borderline manipulative in order to get the outcome they want–without the other person even realizing they’ve been manipulated, Roby Antila says.

And while they do tend to fall in love quickly and easily, she adds, they’re not always ones for commitment, and prefer to keep things as light and low-pressure as possible. This can be frustrating for interested suitors, but getting an air sign to settle down has never been easy.

To that end, Roby Antila tells mindbodygreen, if you want to woo a Libra moon, you’ll want to be well-polished, well-dressed, and into things that are culturally relevant, like music or art. They also really value balance, and that includes in their relationships with others. “A Libra moon would give love by listening, but then they need a partner who will also listen to them,” Pennington previously noted.

Once they’re in a relationship, boundaries are going to be the most important thing for this moon sign to keep in check. “They’re so overly concerned with what their partner is thinking, and they want to bring that balance–but at the same time, they need to find their own peace. It’s a constant back and forth with them,” she says.


Libra moons make understanding and accommodating partners, but should avoid too much self sacrifice and codependency.


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Moon in Libra in work and career.

At work, Libra moons thrive in roles that involve communicating with others, diplomacy, and ideally, doing something that relates to beauty, culture, or justice.

As Roby Antila tells mingbodygreen, when she thinks of Libra moons, she thinks of them as people in public relations, meditating or counseling (especially couples counseling), fashion and style, the judicial system, and even cultural things like music, museums, or the arts in general.

A position in which they can flex their strengths as the accommodating diplomats they are will make them feel fulfilled, and if it’s a job that relates to a higher cause, even better.

All that said, your midheaven in your birth chart typically relates more to your career mission in life, so your moon sign is only one piece of the puzzle to factor in.


Libra moons will thrive in roles that work with their strengths, which are predominantly diplomacy, facilitating balance, the arts, and connecting with others.


Are Libra moons flirty?

At the risk of making a sweeping generalization, yes, Libra moons do have a reputation for being flirty. They are friendly, charming, and sweet–even when speaking with people they’re not interested in (which can cause unwelcome suitors).

What are Libra’s biggest weaknesses?

Libra’s biggest weakness is by far codependency and self sacrifice. They are very “other-oriented,” which makes them quick to abandon their own needs.

Do Libra moons fall in love easily?

Libra moons may fall in love (or fall in lust) quickly and easily, but don’t think that means they’ll actually want to commit. They often have spontaneous flings and may struggle to be alone.


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The takeaway.

Libra moons are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet–so don’t take advantage of it! At the end of the day, this is a zodiac placement that just wants everyone to be happy and get along, even if it means sacrificing their own peace.


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