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This Pillow Type Can Help With Acid Reflux, Snoring & Neck Pain

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By Jamey Powell

Contributing writer

Jamey Powell is a writer, editor, and actor living in Brooklyn, NY. Previously the senior market editor at, she has years of experience scouring endless product reviews and testing out the latest and greatest products in the sleep, fitness, and nutrition markets.

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Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS

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Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS is a family physician and HIV specialist in California. He takes a holistic approach to healthcare, incorporating principles of functional medicine and using food as medicine when working with patients.

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August 26, 2022

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Your preferred sleep position, the firmness of your mattress, and even the thickness of your pillow can make a huge difference in how you snooze–and finding the right combination is key to a good night’s sleep. After all, your overall well-being and quality of sleep are closely linked together.

But if you’re someone who has acid reflux or post-surgery pain, finding the right sleep setup can be a struggle. A wedge pillow, which elevates the head and shoulders, could be your best bet for much-needed support (and relief) throughout the night. Plus, it boasts other potential benefits like minimizing snoring, helping with sleep apnea, and even reducing neck pain.

What is a wedge pillow?

A wedge pillow is exactly what it sounds like: a pillow in the shape of a wedge. The surface of the pillow is on an incline–which typically ranges from 7 to 11 inches at its top height–and it elevates your head and shoulders as you sleep.

According to Seema Bonney, M.D., founder and director of the Anti-Aging & Longevity Center of Philadelphia, wedge pillows are most commonly used by folks looking to relieve symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder), snoring, and post-surgery pain. “Improving sleeping posture improves the quality of sleep,” she adds.

A wedge pillow can be layered under a standard comfort pillow or used solo depending on your needs–and usage goes beyond simply supporting your head, neck, and shoulders. “Elevating the lower body and legs with a wedge pillow can improve vascular circulation,” Bonney explains.

Of course, you don’t need a medical reason to add a wedge pillow into your rotation either; the extra support is also great for getting in a comfier position while watching TV or reading in bed–assuming you have the space.

What to consider before buying a wedge pillow.

Size: Wedge pillows are on the bulky side with firm designs meant to keep the body upright. If you sleep with a partner who doesn’t want a wedge pillow, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t encroach on their personal space. They’re also not compatible with most pillowcases, although they often have removable, washable covers. Just something to keep in mind if aesthetics are a concern!

Sleep position: While some side sleepers can benefit from sleeping on a wedge with a pillow, they’re definitely better suited to back sleepers. If you’re not a strict back sleeper but want to give one a try, be sure to look at the materials. “Memory foam pillows form to fit your shape and are better for side sleepers, whereas polyfoam is better for back sleepers since they offer firmer support to keep the back aligned,” says Bonney.

Materials: At mbg we focus on products that are as environmentally friendly as possible (and safe to bring into your home). Although not many wedge pillows go above and beyond in this department, we still managed to find a handful of picks made with nontoxic or CertiPUR-US Certified materials.

How we picked:


Everyone’s budget is different–that’s why we cover a wide range of price points with the picks below.

Quality & materials

We focused on brands that are known for quality and tried to feature the few wedge pillows out there with certifications for nontoxic materials.

Ease of cleaning

All of the wedge pillows on this list have removable, washable covers (because finding sheets that fit isn’t easy!).

Customer reviews

We scoured hundreds of customer reviews and leaned heavily on reviewers’ comments to determine what ailment each wedge was best for.

mbg’s picks of the best wedge pillows of 2022:

Best overall: Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge

Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge

VIEW ON Brentwood Home | From $54


CertiPUR-US CertifiedAffordable price for the qualityMultiple height options


May be too firm for side sleepersMixed reviews on scent

Materials: Plant-based support foam, bamboo rayon cover

Heights: 7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch

Trial period: 30 nights

Warranty: 1-year

How it’s made:

Brentwood Home’s Zuma Foam Wedge earns our top spot of “best overall” because it’s one of the only brands that makes an effort to use sustainable and nontoxic materials. Although it’s still made with a dense support foam, the material is a proprietary plant-based memory foam that’s CertiPUR-US Certified. (Plus, Brentwood Home is a climate-neutral company, so it reduces and offsets carbon emissions for extra sustainability points.)

How it arrives:

The base of the Zuma Foam Wedge is 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep with options for a 7-, 10-, or 12-inch height. The large footprint means the pillow arrives compressed and rolled up in a box, and it takes a full day to expand. Luckily, many shoppers say it pops to life quickly with mixed reviews on whether the materials emit any funky smells.

What customers say:

Brentwood Home offers a few different wedge pillows, but the Zuma is its top-rated option with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most reviews are positive with folks saying it reduces sinuses, snoring, and reflux symptoms. On the negative side, a few people wished the wedge was softer–especially for side sleeping–and some complained it never fully expanded, even after 24 hours.

Best adjustable wedge pillow: Sleep Number Adjustable Wedge Pillow

Sleep Number Adjustable Wedge Pillow

VIEW ON Sleep Number | $60


Adjustable foam inserts for 4 height optionsCertiPUR-US Certified


Doesn’t exceed 8-inch heightNo sustainably sourced materials

Materials: Support foam, memory foam, cotton & polyester cover

Heights: Adjustable

Trial period: 30 nights

Warranty: 1-year

How it’s made:

If you’re not quite sure what elevation will work best for you, this adjustable option from Sleep Number is a good way for you to test out a few different options. The wedge comes with three foam inserts that you can arrange to create a 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, or 8-inch height. One of the inserts is made from a softer memory foam material that can be placed on for a cushier sleep surface (ideal for side sleepers), while the other two are on the firm side. All components are wrapped in a removable cover that can be washed for a quick refresh.

How it arrives:

Sleep Number offers free shipping to have this wedge pillow delivered right to your door–and unlike other designs, it doesn’t have any complaints from reviewers about stinky off-gassing smells or extended expansion times.

What customers say:

Reviewers on Sleep Number’s website give this adjustable wedge pillow 4.6 out of 5 stars. The lower range of incline options appeals to shoppers who don’t want to feel like they’re practically sitting up in bed–especially folks recovering post-surgery or looking to alleviate reflux. Several people also praise the quality of the pillow, reporting that it holds up well over time. Most of the negative reviews are common for wedge pillows; some folks say they slide down while sleeping, others complain that it’s too firm.

Best for GERD: Helix Wedge Pillow

Helix Wedge Pillow

VIEW ON Helix | $95


Made in USACooling gel foam


Only one height optionNo certifications

Materials: Gel memory foam, polyurethane foam, rayon and polyester cover

Heights: 10-inch

Trial period: 100 nights

Warranty: 1-year

How it’s made:

Made in the USA, this wedge combines both cushy gel memory foam and dense polyurethane foam into a supportive pick with a 10-inch slope. Designed softer than most pillows to suit a wider range of sleeping positions, it’s a great cooling pick for those who sleep hot due to the infusion of cooling technology.

How it arrives:

Helix ships the wedge pillow for free, and it arrives compressed in a box. Several people say the off-gassing smell from packaging lingers in the pillow for a while, but it should go away after a few days. Once it arrives, you’ll have 100 nights to decide whether the wedge is for you.

What customers say:

Helix is a big name in the mattress business (we featured a Helix in our roundup of best soft mattresses) and both its beds and pillows have great ratings. Many reviewers comment on the wedge design, claiming it improved back and neck pain, as well as reducing snoring and GERD symptoms. More impressively, a lot of folks call it “comfortable,” which is extremely rare for a wedge. It’s almost enough to make you forget that the brand doesn’t have any special certifications or sustainable materials in the design.

Best for snoring: Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Wedge Pillow

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Wedge Pillow

VIEW ON Brentwood Home | $109


CertiPUR-US & Greenguard Gold CertifiedSoft, removable cover


Pricier optionOne height

Materials: Support foam, charcoal-infused plant-based memory foam

Heights: 10-inch

Trial period: 30 nights

Warranty: 1-year

How it’s made:

Another sustainable option from Brentwood Home, this Crystal Cover Wedge Pillow takes the same plant-based memory foam from the Zuma Wedge pillow and infuses it with charcoal for a cool-to-the-touch surface. Despite the addition, the materials are both CertiPUR-US Certified and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means they meet rigorous, third-party emission standards for chemical exposure and pollutants. What’s more, the machine-washable pick has one of the nice covers that we’ve seen on a wedge pillow.

How it arrives:

Although the cooling pick arrives in a box, reviewers say it doesn’t take long for the compressed pillow to pop to life. And thanks to this pillow’s certified foams, there aren’t any funky smells during the expansion process.

What customers say:

Reviewers give the Crystal Cove Wedge 4.7 out of 5 stars–and the textured fabric isn’t the only component impressing reviewers. The 10-inch elevation and supportive feel of the wedge help reduce snoring for many, while others were impressed with small details like the handles.

A handful of shoppers complained the 10-inch was too high for them, but a majority of reviews were overwhelmingly positive. As an added perk, Brentwood Home donates 1% of proceeds from the Crystal Cove line to nonprofit Sustainable Surf, which plants and protects blue-carbon coastal ecosystems.

Best value wedge pillow: AllSett Health Adjustable Wedge Pillow

AllSett Health Adjustable Wedge Pillow

VIEW ON Amazon | $60


Multiple height optionsAffordable price point


No certificationsNo sustainable or organic materials

Materials: Memory foam, polyester cover

Heights: Adjustable

Trial period: 30 days

Warranty: None

How it’s made:

When you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to select products that serve multiple purposes–like this AllSett Health wedge. The adjustable design can be used seven different ways with four options for supporting your back and three for lifting your knees.

Velcro straps and a hinge design allow you to rearrange the wedge to be 9 or 12 inches tall with elongating variations for tall people. Regardless of setup, you can count on handles for easy moving and a removable cover for efficient washing.

How it arrives:

Whether you purchase this pillow from Amazon or through the company’s website, it will arrive compressed and rolled up in a box. The company recommends letting it expand for six to eight hours–and you won’t have to worry about any odors or funky smells during this time.

What customers say:

This adjustable wedge system has more than 10,000 ratings, earning it an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most reviewers rave about improved sleep from incorporating the pillow into the nighttime routine, especially folks who are recovering from an injury or trying to reduce snoring. However, several shoppers note that the wedge takes up a good amount of real estate in bed–especially if you’re tall–and it’s likely too firm for side sleepers.

Best low-height wedge: Hammacher Schlemmer Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge

Hammacher Schlemmer Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge

VIEW ON Hammacher Schlemmer | $130


Lower inclineRemovable cover


Pricier optionStill rather firm

Materials: Medical grade polyurethane foam, cotton and polyester cover

Heights: 5-inch

Trial period: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

How it’s made:

Side sleepers and those who prefer lying flat should keep this longer wedge in mind. Its 5-inch slope is considerably flatter than most designs, which creates a more gradual feel that better replicates a standard pillow or mattress. Made with two layers of medical-grade foam, it’s still firmer than most options and comes with a removable cover.

How it arrives:

You won’t need to worry about off-gassing smells or expansion issues when you first unbox this pick–and the stress-free purchase continues thanks to a lifetime product guarantee. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll be able to return the wedge for a refund within the first year or for store credit after the trial period.

What customers say:

With 4.2 out of 5 stars, most reviews of this pillow say it does a good job of relieving congestion, heartburn, reflux symptoms, and snoring. One reviewer raves, “This one is steep enough to help with heartburn but not so steep that you can’t stay on it. The cover is soft to the touch but sort of like velvet, so you don’t slip down as much.” Any negative reviews refer to the firmness of the design or complaints about the length not working well for taller folks.

How to choose

Size & incline height: The right size and incline depend on the bed and body size of the user. If you have a smaller bed, a wedge pillow is going to take up some prime real estate, so make sure to read the dimensions before you purchase. When it comes to picking an incline, smaller-bodied folks will likely feel a benefit from a lower incline (and will be less likely to slide down), whereas larger-bodied people might want more lift.

Firmness level: Most wedge pillows are going to seem firm, as it helps to maintain the wedge’s shape. Still it might not be the most comfortable to lie on, especially if you’re more comfortable on your side. Side sleepers’ best bet is to look for wedge pillows that use memory foam, which typically offers better pressure relief.

Price: It’s important to consider your budget and the brand’s return policy before making a commitment, especially for something as personal as a pillow. While we listed a few different price points in this article, we also tried to highlight pillows with certifications for quality. Unfortunately, those tend to be more expensive than an Amazon find–although our “best overall” pick is in an affordable range and CertiPUR-US Certified.


What is the best height for a wedge pillow?

Wedge pillows can range from 5 to 11 inches tall, and the right height for you will depend on your body size and desired outcome. For folks who snore or are looking for relief from reflux, an elevation of 7 inches or higher will likely provide better relief, as the incline tends to be steeper.

Do you use a regular pillow with a wedge pillow?

As wedge pillows are designed to be firm to retain their shape, they’re often not the comfiest surface to sleep on. Adding a plush pillow is an easy way to maximize your comfort and get an added boost of support.

Are wedge pillows compatible with all sleeping positions?

Due to the firm foam design, wedge pillows are mainly recommended for back sleepers. Side sleepers can give it a go as long as they’re choosing a softer and wider model, which better conforms to shoulders and offers enough space to prevent users from rolling off.

The takeaway.

A wedge pillow isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to relieve symptoms of reflux or nip snoring in the bud, it might be worth a shot. Just know that the feeling of sleeping on an incline is an adjustment–and it’s definitely easier for those who sleep on their back rather than for those who prefer other sleep positions.

And if snoring is a concern, be sure to check out our roundup of the best anti-snore pillows. After all, getting a good night’s sleep is essential, and nothing should stand in your way of getting the zzz’s you deserve.

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