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This Supplement Gives Me Literal Peace Of Mind That I’m Taking Care Of My Brain

As if the experiential benefits of brain guard+ weren’t compelling enough, this nootropic delivers long-term proactive cognitive health support benefits.* Even though I’m young now, I want to set my brain up for success for decades to come–so why not start in my 20s?

Citicoline is an important building block for not only neurotransmitters, but also phospholipids, and both are vital to brain health. Beyond citicoline’s impressive actions that support integral compounds found in the brain, it’s also clinically shown to benefit verbal learning and multidimensional aspects of memory.*

Resveratrol delivers neuroprotective actions as well, thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties. With complementary action on the cellular and systemic levels, resveratrol fights oxidative stress and promotes cellular resilience, while also providing overall cognitive performance support.* That’s why I love having this longevity and vitality phytonutrient in my wellness toolkit.

This advanced nootropic supplement has become an integral part of my daily endeavors to support a healthy brainspan. Alongside the essential practices of improving my sleep hygiene, consuming a nutrient-rich and balanced diet, and getting consistent exercise and movement, brain guard+ provides the daily brain power and lifelong neuroprotective support that helps round out my brain health rituals.*

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