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This Treehouse Home In The Clouds Is A Total Dream: Let’s Take A Tour

Music constantly plays in the background or on full blast, grooving with our moods between waking and slumber. We’re surrounded by forest, so the sounds change from morning to night, season to season. I hear the wind roar through the trees in winter. In the spring, the frogs go nuts from dusk to dawn…so much so, I often wear earplugs. The owls call to each other in the evenings and the ravens during the day. The foxes are very chatty. A couple of nights ago, one woke me up in the middle of the night. (I had to have fun with it and call out, “Foxy! I’m trying to sleep. Please be quiet.”) Then there’s the ever-presence of our ten clucking hens, two goats, and dog, Georgia.

During the summer months, the windows are open all day and night, so the scents of grasses and warm earth move throughout the space. During the winter, the house smells of fir and cedar as wood is our primary source of heat. With the dark mornings, my day always begins with journaling by candlelight, so I don’t wake the kids. I love to light candles in winter and choose scents depending on my mood.

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