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*This* Type Of Mascara Is Like A Winter Coat For Your Lashes

What makes tubing mascaras so top notch?

First thing’s first: What is a tubing mascara? Well, like its name suggests, tubing mascaras create teeny polymer “tubes” around each individual lash to encourage separation and prevent smudging. “It is a (usually) silicone-based formula that coats every single eyelash, creating a lengthening effect,” adds celebrity makeup artist Tomy Rivero. “Because every single lash gets encapsulated into the tubes, lashes appear thicker, fuller, darker, and longer.”

But then, when you go to remove your makeup at the end of the day, the tubing formula easily dissolves with just warm water and a washcloth. It’s the best of both worlds: lots of hold and an easy removal. Perfect for those with sensitive eyes who want to go full glam.

Now, what makes them a winner for winter weather? You can think of each “tube” as a little mini parka enveloping your lashes and protecting them from the elements (wind, sleet, and such). Perhaps that’s why these little tubes are trending right now–researchers at Spate found that searches for “tubing mascara” have increased by 63.4% since last year.

Better yet, find a tubing mascara with hydrators and antioxidants to nurture the lashes while you’re wearing them; this cult-favorite Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extension Mascara, for example, features an orchid stem cell complex, shea butter, castor oil, and panthenol to simultaneously condition and strengthen your flutters.

Other ways to grow & protect your lashes this winter.

If you’re serious about lash care, an antioxidant-rich tubing mascara alone won’t cut it, no matter how hydrating the formula might be. Snag yourself a quality lash serum, ideally one with peptides and emollients, to encourage healthier lashes. (Find our favorites here.)

And if you want to go the extra mile, consider a lash-boosting supplement. You see, your eyelashes are actually fine, tiny hairs, and those hairs are structurally made up of the same proteins as the hair on your head–keratin being the most noteworthy.

And while lashes do grow back on their own (assuming there’s no scarring of the tiny follicles), supplying your body with the right nutrients can enhance the process. Many flock to collagen and biotin supplements for hair health, as these are key players in the keratin-building process. Find our favorite hair, skin, and nail vitamins here–some of which include collagen and biotin in their formulas for a one-two punch.


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The takeaway.

Lashes looking wilted this winter? Keep them hydrated and fluffy by committing to a lash growth serum and encouraging growth from the inside out–and for some immediate va-va-voom, slick on a tubing mascara to thicken up those flutters.


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