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This Underrated Fruit Can Help Support Healthy Skin Aging — Here’s How

While consuming pomegranates or pure pomegranate juice in your diet is great, getting enough of the important nutrients in pomegranates every single day isn’t the easiest task. Not to mention, they’re not in season everywhere during the summer. Luckily, you can find pomegranate extract in oral supplements, like mindbodygreen’s cellular beauty+.

This beauty supplement contains 200 milligrams of 100% pomegranate whole fruit extract, a premium botanical concentrated in antioxidants.* From California pomegranates, this concentrated extract promotes cellular resilience and anti-inflammatory properties, which contribute to healthy skin aging, in addition to the photoprotection-related benefits discussed above.* Plus, the formula is packed with other superstar ingredients that support healthy skin, like ceramides, CoQ10, and astaxanthin–but you can read all about those here.*

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