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This Yoga Pose Is Perfect For Melting Away Stress & Tension Before Bed

So many of us carry a ton of tension around our hips, and supine goddess is a great posture for mitigating that tension. As Kocher previously explained to mbg, this restorative posture is one of her go-to poses before bed, helping her whole body relax, wind down, and prepare for rest.

And according to registered yoga teacher Claire Grieve, who previously said this is her favorite restorative pose, “Just a few minutes in reclined goddess will leave you feeling like a whole new person.”

In addition to being physically restorative, it can also be mentally and energetically cleansing. As certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner, Julia Bartz, LCSW, previously wrote for mbg, supine goddess is excellent for unblocking your sacral chakra, which deals with things like creativity, drive, and sexual energy. And in terms of things like stress, you’d be amazed just how much this pose can relax a restless mind.

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