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This Yoga Pose Will Help Challenge Your Balance & Engage Your Core

This may sound like broken record advice, but bracing your core and finding a point of focus in front of you are the two most important steps for maintaining balance. Grounding your foot into the floor and maintaining a long line throughout your body will also help to keep you steady, but engaging your core is the most important step as this is the base of your strength.

Keeping your sights set facing forward on a singular point will help avoid wavering, and you should remain focused and calm as you breathe through this pose. But don’t get frustrated if you struggle at first, anything that requires single leg balance is naturally going to be more difficult (but bonus: it will support longevity, according to research).

Finally, keep your hips square so that both hip bones are pointed to the floor. You may feel inclined to angle more towards one side, but keeping your hips even is what’s going to challenge your flexibility the most.

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