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Tired Of Oatmeal? Try This No-Cook, Gut-Soothing Breakfast Recipe

However, If you’re looking to double down on the green, mbg’s organic veggies+ powder is an excellent way to infuse your breakfast with even more nutrients. The blend contains 31 powerhouse ingredients, including organic fruits and vegetables, as well as pro- and prebiotic fiber to offer your body an array of benefits. The supplement aids nutrient absorption, promotes a healthy gut microbiome, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, just to name a few perks.*

Once you’ve added in your superfood powder, you can top your chia pudding with nuts to get some extra healthy fats into your diet, or sprinkle on a handful of berries to enhance the antioxidant content of your meal.

This recipe takes hardly any prep time and it’s packed with a sweet and zesty flavor, so you’ll have a no-cook breakfast that will cool you off on those hot summer days in no time.

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