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Upper Body “Hard Day”

Today, after a warm-up, I started out with “double-poling” with six-pound weights, then nordic walking with poles. For both of these, I threw in intervals of higher intensity. Then it was back to the garage for work with bands and weights. First intervals at several stations including kayak simulator, “ski erg” simulator and its reverse with hand weights, chest press, row, shoulder press, and pulldowns. I described some of these exercises here. I do them briskly to simulate activities like kayaking and cross country skiing. I then finished with isometric strength training on the chest press, row, shoulder press, pulldowns, and a cooldown walk. I’m excited that kayak rentals have started back up at Vasona lake county park. I can get there readily on my e-bike, and plan to do that soon.

I went for a ride out to Harvey Bear park and back on my recumbent afterward. I flew out with a tailwind and was quite a bit slower on the way back with a headwind. But I did not mind because I had allowed enough time, and the headwind was still cool, which helped as the temperature was starting to climb.

Harvey Bear Park Goes way off into the hills in the distance. There is a nice paved two-mile path with great views in the flat part that is popular with walkers.Enjoying the backyard with our kittie Cinder after lunch. It was still nice in the shade with a breeze. Later it went up to 96. It’s supposed to be 103 tomorrow, so I better get any activity in early!

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