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Using Turmeric Occasionally Isn’t Enough — How To Maximize Benefits

You may be asking why you would need a turmeric supplement when you can just incorporate the spice into your daily life (golden milk latte on Monday, curry on Tuesday, etc.).

While using turmeric to spice up your dishes and drinks is still a fantastic and delicious option, we need to consume quite a bit of the herb (approximately six to nine teaspoons!) to reap the concentrated benefits a daily bioavailable supplement can provide.

This is because curcumin is notoriously difficult to absorb. “Curcumin can be variable within the spice form,” says clinical dietitian Huma Chaudhry, R.D., LDN. “If you want a more targeted solution for your specific health concern, a turmeric supplement can be a quick and concentrated way to get that support,”* she adds.

The key advantage of a supplement is the enhanced bioavailability.* For example, Acumin(TM) (the form of full-spectrum turmeric root extract featured in mbg’s turmeric potency+) is a unique formulation that uses polar-nonpolar-sandwich (PNS) technology, which allows for curcumin (which is neither water- nor fat-soluble) to pass through the intestinal walls more easily, so it can be properly absorbed and used in the body.*

Thanks to this PNS technology, Acumin(TM) allows for ten times the bioavailability of regular turmeric!*+ (That’s something you just can’t get from your golden milk.)

Turmeric as a spice is still viable and supports holistic well-being, but supplementation is a simple and effective way to ensure you’re getting these important benefits each and every day.*

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