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Want Hair So Shiny It Looks Like Glass? Follow These Expert Tips

“Glass hair is the shiniest kind of texture achieved when utilizing both shine-infused product and heat styling to close the cuticle and make each strand as smooth as possible,” stylist & co-owner of Broome Street Society in NYC Andrea Hans tells mbg.

So while it may look like an extra-luscious straightening job, there’s much more to the process than meets the eye. The benefit? “It will typically last longer than a regular blowout, because the hair is styled and locked into place with an extra pass of heat,” Hans says.

Technically, glass hair appears straight with a blunt cut to closely resemble a pane of glass (hence the name), but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a head full of glassy, shiny curls, too. Feel free to use these tips below and keep your hair’s natural texture and flair–just because glass itself is one-dimensional doesn’t mean your mane has to be.

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