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Want Thick & Defined Eyebrows? You Should Book This Service Stat

Eyebrow threading is great if you want a sharp, tailored brow–but if you prefer a softer, fluffier look, Vincent says you may want to stick with tweezing. “Tweezing also allows for the density of the core brow to be changed, while threading only addresses hair around the brow itself,” she adds. So while threading can create a pristine looking border, it won’t address the density of the brows themselves (you may need to pair it with a brow trim).

And while threading is more precise than waxing, nothing is more accurate than using a set of tweezers to pluck each individual hair. “Tweezing is more artistic,” says Healy. “It’s more of a slower process, but you really sculpt the brow in a more efficient way with an eye towards symmetry.” Vincent seconds the notion: “Nothing beats the precision of tweezing, because it assesses how each hair contributes to the overall brow, and doesn’t remove hair in hard, straight lines,” she says.

Now, you’re probably thinking: Which brow service is most painful? Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal pain tolerance, but people generally find threading less painful than waxing. The technician will also pull your skin taut before each round, which can decrease the discomfort. However, threading is not exactly pain-free: Many report a burning, tugging effect, particularly on thinner, more delicate areas like above the lip. “There is also some risk of skin being cut or damaged by being pulled into the thread,” notes Vincent.

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