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We All Need A Mood Lift These Days — This Essential Vitamin Can Help

Research indicates that vitamin D helps promote gut lining integrity and bolster microbiome diversity–both of which contribute to a stronger gut-brain connection and provide overall support for the central nervous system.* Translation? Sufficient vitamin D status supports a healthy gut, which promotes a healthier mood.*

In a 2021 scientific review, researchers found that vitamin D also helps regulate serotonin and melatonin–two hormones highly responsible for mood regulation and promoting sleep health.* In this regard, vitamin D has a direct impact on mood by critically supporting synthesis of serotonin (aka the “happy hormone”) in the brain.*

Because serotonin is a precursor for melatonin, the fat-soluble vitamin also indirectly promotes calmness, relaxation, and one’s ability to wind down at the end of the day.* Whether you’re looking to support a healthy mood by bolstering your gut health, serotonin production, or sleep hygiene, evidence suggests vitamin D has you covered.*

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