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What Astrologers Want You To Know About The (Dramatic) Energy Of August

Uranus and the north node haven’t hung out since 2007, much less invited Mars to their group chat. We’ll feel the intensity of this trio as they make landfall in Taurus, creating an extra layer of tension. Here’s why this threesome is so unsettling: Taurus is the sign that likes consistency and stability, a clear plan for everything. Slow and steady is the Bull’s M.O.

Wellllll, the visitors are not so into these house rules. Mars wants speed and instant action. Uranus comes and rearranges all the furniture. And the north node shows up like, “Let us release the past and all move toward our collective karma now.” Who invited the rock stars to trash the luxury boutique hotel?

Given the state of the world, it doesn’t take an astrologer to point out the turmoil all over this planet. But…as above, so below. And August zooms in ready to add to the chaos until we can no longer ignore the demand for some kind of “systemic change.”

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