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What Astrologers Want You To Know About The (Enchanting) Week Ahead

On Thursday, January 26, ardent Venus floats into Pisces and joins dreamy Neptune there until February 20.

Cupid could wing in on an early flight–and good luck resisting his tsunami of charms! Venus is exalted in Pisces–one of its most potent placements on the zodiac wheel. Rose-colored glasses are the essential accessory of this Venus cycle. And if you squint a little, you’ll see poetry in, well, everything.

This enchanted transit may spur a romantic and artistic renaissance, but you’ll have to slow down if you want to experience it fully. Make time to meditate, daydream and court the muse. Relaxing will put you in a receptive state that’s ideal for heart-opening moments. Everyday routines can become magical rituals while enchanted Venus hovers here. Start your mornings with journaling and a mug of loose-leaf tea instead of going from bed to coffeepot to computer.

The downside of Venus in Pisces is that it can make people a bit gullible. Pisces is the master of illusions (and delusions). And while this might work well for, say, composing sonnets, it can be dodgy when it comes to screening amorous candidates. Run the background searches (and take your time!) to avoid falling head over platform heels for someone who isn’t 100 percent available or reliable.


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Time for a tune-up? Saturday’s waxing quarter moon in tasteful Taurus is the perfect time to pull out the magnifying glass and see what’s under the proverbial hood.

If you’re feeling exhausted or overtaxed, consider it a dashboard warning light telling you to stop and treat yourself like a luxury vehicle instead of a cog in the clunker. Taking the time to keep things humming along happily could save you a breakdown later, so don’t wave off the inspection for the sake of speed. Let go of anything that isn’t working and plan for what could be looming just beyond your field of vision. But don’t streamline too much! Sensual Taurus enjoys the finer things in life. Upgrade any parts of your life suffering from wear and tear and add some simple elegance.

Sunday’s free-flowing trine between the innovative Aquarius Sun and mentally agile Mars in Gemini is best used for brainstorming, mind-mapping and any sort of “wouldn’t it be crazy if…” conversations.

Set up a recording app or have someone take copious notes. With these bold and fired-up planets in cahoots, novel visions come in fast and furious–and you might lose them if you rely solely on memory. With both heavenly bodies in communicative air signs, don’t be surprised if your clever concepts gain a following–and attract a few eager people who want to help make them a reality. But vet everyone before welcoming them aboard. Savvy smarts are great, but do they have the loyal attitude to back it up? If they pass the litmus test, the more the merrier!

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