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What To Know About The Year’s Final Quarter Moon, From Astrologers

The astrology behind this week’s quarter moon in Virgo.

Between the new moon and the full moon, the focus is on building and beginning, while from the full moon to the new moon, we focus on releasing and reassessing. So in the case of the last or third quarter moon (AKA when 50% of the moon is visible, waning to the new moon), we’re still looking to release.

This month’s third-quarter moon will peak on Friday, December 16, just before 4 a.m. EST. The moon will be in Virgo, the zodiac’s meticulous and detail-oriented editor. (Fitting energy for a last quarter moon, as we clean up any loose ends from the full moon last week.)

Not only that, but the moon will also be making a smooth and flowing trine to both Mercury (the planet of communication), and Venus (the planet of love), which are both in Capricorn. With Virgo and Capricorn both being solid and dependable earth signs, relationships and communication will feel supportive in a healthy and balanced way.

Do note, however, that the moon will be forming an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Both Neptune and Pisces deal with the imagination, the subconscious, dreams, and all things spiritual–so if you’re feeling dreamy or unfocused, that may very well be why.

How to work with this energy:

According to the AstroTwins, this quarter moon in Virgo is a grounding one, helping us find compassion for everyone (even our enemies). These moonbeams may also reveal a clear line between caring and codependence within our relationships, they say, adding, “Bottomless refills of generosity should be taken off the menu.”

So, under this moon, the twins recommend setting better limits. “When we give until it hurts, we wind up enabling people to stay stuck or even take advantage of our kindness. And when we are drained, depleted, and exhausted, we can’t be truly helpful.”

Luckily, with Mercury and Venus both forming a trine with the moon, those more difficult conversations may come easier, allowing us to set healthy boundaries and offer support to our loved ones in a way that doesn’t leave us drained.

All the while, we can keep in mind that this third quarter moon is tracking towards a new moon in Capricorn on December 23. Start thinking ahead to what you’d like to see unfold in the next lunar cycle, the next six months, and even in 2023–along with what needs to be let go of in order to make that happen.


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The takeaway.

Under this third quarter moon in Virgo, and in the week following leading up to the new moon, the focus is on release, setting boundaries, and refining what isn’t working. And with it being the last third quarter moon of the year, it’s the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for a great close to the year–and the start of a new one.


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