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Which Is Better: Collagen Pills Or Powder? Here’s What Experts Say

Due to the nature of the delivery format, powders are able to offer more collagen (like several grams more) in each serving–making it the ideal choice if you’re looking for a meaningful dose of collagen in each serving. This is why when you find collagen supplements with north of 5 grams of collagen per serving, they’re almost always in powder form. Whereas other formats (including capsules) contain significantly smaller dosages, even in the milligram range. In fact, the dosage is the reason why the most popular format for collagen is powder.

In addition, collagen powders are highly versatile–meaning they can be added to various drinks (hello, creamy coffee), smoothies, or recipes.

However, as Petrucci notes, some powders come with additives, like artificial flavors, which you want to be mindful of. Ideally, your supplement’s formula will be free of unnecessary ingredients like artificial sweeteners, flavors, synthetic dyes, GMOs, gluten, and known major food allergens like eggs and dairy. If it does have flavors or sweeteners, look for natural varieties (preferably plant-sourced organic ones).

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