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Why A Spoonful Of Raw Manuka Honey Is Your Next Immune-Supporting Routine

What is raw Manuka honey?

“Manuka” is a type of flower found in the pristine forests of New Zealand. Comvita UMF(TM) 15+ Raw M?nuka Honey is made from bees that feed on this flower only, which makes it a monofloral honey. And how does it stack up against the golden honey bear we’ve always known? Well, not all honey is created equally. Certain kinds of honey are more potent than others–or as the research puts it, “honey from different origins possess different properties.”2

Manuka honey is famous for being rich in phenolic content3–translation: compounds involved in the antioxidant activity that helps prevent cell damage. But Manuka honey also comes in different grades, per the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF)2. UMF gives you an idea of a honey’s phenol concentration, and is even backed by the New Zealand government for verification of quality and potency. Comvita UMF(TM) 15+ Raw M?nuka Honey contains one of the highest strengths of Manuka compounds. And that means a few things for your immunity routine.

Manuka honey and a healthy immune system.

Because of its phenolic and flavonoid compounds3, raw Manuka honey helps a healthy immune system through antioxidant activity. But it also contains methylglyoxal (MGO)2, a compound that is nearly unique to Manuka honey and often attributed for its antimicrobial qualities. The higher the Unique Manuka Factor of your raw Manuka honey, the more phenolic and MGO content you have to encourage your body’s natural healing process. And that means a sweeter immunity routine, in every sense.

Your new immunity routine.

The ritual of hot tea and honey has been handed down for generations (and now we know why). It’s not going anywhere, but our immunity routine also deserves the best. Comvita UMF 15+ Raw M?nuka Honey isn’t just potent. All Comvita products are made with standards that exceed the stringent certifications for quality and efficacy that have been in place since 1974. Each of their products is premium, pure, well-researched, and sustainably sourced.

So whether you’re feeling a little off or you’re simply going above and beyond for your immune system (10/10 recommended), with Comvita on your spoon, you’re golden. Whether it’s straight up, drizzled over yogurt, or added your favorite smoothie or tea–something tells us this new routine is about to stick.

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