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Why Numerologists Have Been Looking Forward To 2023 For Years

In 2020, we had our Universal Year 4 of reassessing and restructuring our foundations. Then we had our Universal Year 5 which taught us to be adaptable and redefine what freedom means to us. Then 2022 blessed us with major relationship shifts when we entered our Universal Year 6 of love, healing, and relationships… And now it is time for 2023, our Universal Year 7, to come and shake things up.

What’s the significance of a 7 Year in numerology?

In numerology, the number 7 is the most spiritual number (only rivaled by the master number 11). The 7 is the philosopher and the seeker. When we are in a 7 Year cycle, this is a time of spiritual awakenings, knowledge gathering, solitude, and inward focus.

Are you ready for self-reflection and to dive deep into the inner workings of your spiritual self? Because that is exactly what 2023 is inviting us to do.

The collective will undergo major shifts in how we think, see, and view the world this year. Our sense of spirituality is growing tremendously and we may see shifts in our philosophies and spiritual beliefs. If you do not consider yourself a spiritual person, this year you may start to explore your spirituality more–either on purpose or by accident (say, for example, through a sudden spiritual awakening).

I always like to think of Bruce Lee when I think of the number 7. He was a Life Path 7 and if you have ever watched any of his interviews, he represented that deep philosophical energy of the 7 so perfectly. One of his most famous quotes serves as great advice for entering this year: “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot and it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

2023 monthly cycles:

Within each Year Cycle, there are also Month Cycles. The Month Cycles follow the calendar months and begin at the start of each month. Think of it this way: the Personal Year is the overarching theme of the year, while the Month Cycles are the mini themes running alongside.

Here are the themes of each Universal Month of 2023.

January: money and power February: completion and endings March: new beginnings and the selfApril: partnership and balanceMay: communication and self-expressionJune: foundations and work July: freedom and changeAugust: relationships and healingSeptember: spirituality and sacred callingOctober: money and powerNovember: completion and endingsDecember: new beginnings and the self

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How to navigate a 7 Year.

Think of 2023 as a sort of internal house-cleaning year. Go within as much as possible for the answers. The 7 is the seeker of all knowledge, spiritual and otherwise. Its greatest purpose is to be a student of life and to commit itself to a sacred calling. What topics have you been drawn to that support your inner growth? Follow that path. The 7 knows that the answers we are seeking can only be found within, when we silence the noise around us and allow ourselves to surrender.

Global consciousness is shifting massively this year. Expect more discussions on mental health, spirituality, energy, and esoteric wisdom to continue to make their way into the mainstream. Deeper truths that have been hidden for too long may also begin to be exposed in 2023. This is what is needed in order for humanity to wake up and make the necessary shifts toward a better world.

Many of us will awaken to our greatest potential this year.

Know that the 7 energy, when in its shadow, can tend to lead to negative thinking. The 7 can oftentimes lose sight of things, getting lost in its own thoughts and its desire to be alone. If you find yourself spiraling down the negative thinking or worrying, bring yourself back to center through things like journaling, taking a walk, breathwork, meditation, or whatever healing modality is calling to you now.

The takeaway.

Many of us will awaken to our greatest potential this year. If you want to change the world, it starts with the self. This is our year to initiate, surrender, and do the deep inner work. Be water, my friends.


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