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Why This Is A Perfect Week For New Collaborations, From Astrologers

Arty, romantic Venus in Pisces gets in a friendly flow with out-of-the-box Uranus in Taurus this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Before you hit the gas on your resolutions, take a moment to calibrate your creative direction. Venus and Uranus’ combined planetary powers disrupt stale thinking. Could you add some bells and whistles? While you probably don’t have to go all the way back to the drawing board, it’s probably worth it to back up a few steps. When did you start phoning it in or rushing to get ‘er done? Tweak, polish, and add the necessary sparkle so you can stand behind your efforts.

Another reason to bring your A Game? This Friday, February 10, messenger Mercury makes the third of its trio of direct connections to cutthroat Pluto, leveling up the competitive vibes.

Since early December, these two planets have danced a paso doble in Capricorn, the sign of ambition and prestige–in fact, Mercury’s been in Capricorn for an extra long time, thanks to the December 29 to January 18 retrograde. You’ve no doubt muscled through some trying moments since before the holidays. And if at this point you know that you’re not up for a particular challenge, listen to your gut! It’s better to wave the white flag than to push yourself past your legit capacity. But make sure you aren’t quitting five minutes before the miracle. If you still have fuel in the tanks for this, give it a marathon effort before the weekend. Could you send one more text or a revised pitch? Whatever you do, make sure it’s polished and professional.


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Social butterfly Mercury zips into collaborative Aquarius this Saturday, February 11, kicking team efforts into high gear.

Get your online profiles in grade-A shape! People may soon be typing your name into their search bars.

Of course, making all-important connections should not be left up to chance. While this transit lingers until March 2, circulate among industry peers and ask well-connected friends to put in a solid word on your behalf. Fresh viewpoints can do wonders to elevate any big projects. Set up a think tank with experienced colleagues or invite friends to test pilot your latest venture-in-progress. (Wine and margherita pizza on you!)

Since this transit lasts all month, V-Day plans might be best enjoyed with a crew of couples or singles. Who says Cupid’s arrows can’t be platonic and professional ones? Play superconnector between friends you’ve been dying to introduce.

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