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Why This Manifestation Expert Always Has An Eyelash Curly In Her Bag

Scroll through TikTok or Instagram, and you’re sure to see one very prominent buzzword once or twice: manifest. But what’s often missing on the endless social media scroll is, ahem, how to do it in your own life. That’s where Roxie Nafousi comes in.

Nafousi is a London-based speaker, influencer, and author of the book Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life. In the book and through her work, she guides folks through actionable steps one can take to manifest goals, big and small. Because–as we’ve noted about the powers of manifestationit’s not just about lofty ideas of what your life could look like. Manifestation takes work, commitment, and care.

And on that last point, one thing I was personally curious about is how Nafousi cares for herself. Here, the well-being and beauty routine Nafousi is using lately.

Tried-and-true: An AHA toner.

“I always need an AHA in my cleanser or toner. I’ve been using the Murad one for years. It’s just an ingredient that really suits my skin and helps me with breakouts. It’s a dream ingredient for me.”

AHA/BHA/Retinoid Daily Clarifying Peel$ 44This exfoliating toner-serum hybrid (the brand calls it a daily peel; you use it like a toner and functions like a serum) follows your face rinse, but goes before your moisturizer. The powerful blend uses salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and a gentle retinol ester. It may be too potent for sensitive skin folks, but if you have breakout-prone skin it can help control oil and acne.

The secret: An old-school rosewater.

“My mom taught me to use rosewater when I was like 14 because we’re Iraqi. It used to be really hard to find–you’d have to go to a specialty store, like an Arabic store or an Indian store. But now you can get rosewater toners in most supermarkets. I still use the cheap, classic ones from the supermarkets–those work amazing.

“I’ve just trusted my mom that they’re good for your skin. But I’m pretty sure it’s anti-inflammatory. I’m prone to irritation and redness, so it really helps with that. Plus it just smells nice, and I like that it’s just one, natural ingredient.”


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The up-and-coming: Mushroom coffee.

“I love the DIRTEA mushroom powders, which will be coming to the U.S. if it’s not already. Functional mushroom powders are my new favorite thing. With a lot of these things, they come along and sound like a trend, so I’m always a bit doubtful and ask myself, Do they actually work?

“But I’ve been taking just about a teaspoon of the lion’s mane mushroom in my coffee every morning–and I’ve definitely, definitely, definitely seen a change in my energy levels throughout the day. I don’t get that 4 p.m. dip. Now I’m just fascinated by mushrooms in general.”

DIRTEA Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder$ 63While it’s harder to find in the states, you can get your hands on the powder through specialty retail sites (try the link here!). Lion’s Mane has been shown to stimulate brain cells (ahem, deals with brain fog), support gut health, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The pleasure: A weekly massage.

“I live for massages and have one a week. I have an at-home service here [in London], but the first thing I do when I travel is to find a massage place. For example, I tried Remedy Place in Los Angeles, and The Well In New York.

“For me, I think it’s the only time I truly switch off. Most of the time I nap during them: It’s the best power nap on earth.

“Like many people, I’m a working mom and don’t sleep enough. I’m always stressed. So whatever ways I can find that de-stress me, I do. And the thing is that massages just work for me every time.

“There’s also a lot of power in massages. We store so much trauma, stress, and emotions in our muscles–so having someone moving and releasing the muscles is a really good thing. There’s that study that shows 10 minutes of physical touch can help reduce cortisol levels1.”


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The skin care secret my mom taught me: Do less.

“My mom taught me the importance of simplifying your routine, be it skin care or makeup or whatever. She taught me to try and not overdo it with tons of products.

“In lockdown I was doing a face mask a night, and my skin was just not happy with it. But she just always had amazing skin and was just so simple. She basically just had one cream, rose water, and that was it.”

The carry-on: An eyelash curler.

“I always have an eyelash curler on me. Always. I have so many. I have one in every handbag. Because even if I have no makeup on, I curl my eyelashes. I feel like I look 10 times better and just more awake. I have very straight lashes, and I often like going out without any makeup. It really is such a good little trick because it instantly opens up the eyes. If you take a red eye, it’s so good to just curl the lashes quickly in the morning.”

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler$ 24This classic makeup tool creates the most lifted, polished-looking lashes in one go. The unique design has an ultra-wide opening to capture every lash and a soft bend so it’s ultra comfortable.

The surprise hit: A celeb skin care brand.

“I was having a moment where I had really, really sensitive skin. Part of it was probably because I was trying lots of different products and mixing brands, as I was getting sent a lot of different kinds of things. But also, since having a baby I just have naturally more sensitive skin.

“My sister bought me the whole Skkn by Kim Set for my birthday. I was like, Oh I really don’t need more skin care. What a bad present. [Laughs.] But then I was just like, OK I’ll try it. So I stopped doing everything else and just used the line. Honestly? My skin has never been better. I’m not as sensitive, I don’t have rosacea, and it’s clear. I’ve refilled it three times!”

Skkn by Kim Night Oil$ 95This nourishing night oil is made with 14 botanical oils and extracts, such as sweet almond, jojoba, grape seed, and apricot seed oil. The silky, non-greasy texture sinks right in, too.

The signature: Manifesting.

“People definitely identify me with manifesting, to be honest. Whenever people know about me and meet me, they want to talk to me about it: what I’m manifesting, what advice I have. I talk about manifesting all the time; I live and breathe it.”

Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life$ 30Nafousi’s book dedicated to manifesting offers a simple, yet thoughtful and science-backed advice on achieving your goals and dreams.


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