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Why You Might Not Feel Romantic This V-Day + What To Do Instead

What’s in the stars this Valentine’s Day?

Not only are we ringing in V-Day with the moon in boisterous Sagittarius, but the moon will also be forming an exact trine to Jupiter in bold and impulsive Aries. These two fire signs tend to be go-go-go–as opposed to slowing down and smelling the Valentine’s Day roses–which the AstroTwins say isn’t exactly the most romantic vibe.

“While this is sure to spice up the day with spontaneity, here’s a spoiler alert: it doesn’t exactly spell ‘mushy gushy romance,'” the twins write for mindbodygreen, noting that, “Tuesday’s skies create an environment of laughter and fun, not heavy sentiment or tear-jerker trappings.”

Luckily, the very next day, the moon will move out of Sagittarius, and the biggest astrological influence we’ll feel is the sweet conjunction between Venus and Neptune in dreamy Pisces. According to the twins, you can think of Wednesday as a “bonus Valentine’s Day,” where you’ll be able to make up for any tenderness missed on Tuesday. That’s when “the warm-fuzzy feelings [can] gush out with artistic flair,” they say.

How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day no matter your sign.


Cater to your Venus sign, not your sun sign.

When it comes to romance, what makes you feel attracted to someone often has a lot to do with your Venus sign, not just your sun sign. Venus is, after all, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure–so knowing yours (and your partners) is a great way to figure out what really makes you tick.

Pull up both of your birth charts, and identify where Venus falls for both of you. If your partner’s Venus is in Taurus, for example, they’ll be weak in the knees for a their favorite home-cooked meal and a thoughtful gift. If their Venus is in Leo, however, they might prefer a heartfelt post of admiration on your social media, or simply being showered in affection and attention.

Check out our full explainer on the Venus signs for more information here!


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Try a synastry reading.

And speaking of birth charts, have you ever heard of synastry? Astrological compatibility is about to much more than just your sun signs, and with a synastry reading, you can get all the details on every little aspect at play between you and your partner’s birth charts.

Here’s our guide to synastry to help you get started.


Lean into your inner Sagittarius.

Last but not least, we may not all be Sag suns, but all of us have an inner Sagittarius that wants to let loose, adventure, and explore once in a while. With the moon in Sag on Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect chance to enlist your partner in a fun activity or a spontaneous getaway. The twins suggest something goofy like mini-golf or visiting a comedy club, noting that again, Wednesday will be a better day for the mushy stuff. Plus, who says romance can’t be fun, anyway?

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The takeaway.

The stars aren’t exactly shaping up this Valentine’s Day to be the softest, most tender day of the year–but it will offer you a chance to have fun and let loose with your partner. If you want to pour your heart out, you can always save it until Wednesday, and in the meantime, embrace your inner fiery Sag and try not to take things too seriously.


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