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Why You Need Extra Spiritual Protection On Halloween & How To Get It

The good spirits come in ways that reassure us, give us a sense of peace or relief, and give signs that are simple yet potent.

Most people who feel the spirit of someone they loved say they had a subtle sign that they knew was their loved one. Often it’s in noticeable encounters with animals, especially birds. Many will report smells of flowers, their perfume, cologne, or cigar smell if they smoked, etc.

Positive spirit guidance also comes as signs and synchronicities. If you’re feeling down about your lackluster love life and suddenly everything that day has a heart on it, including the design on your latte, that could be spirit! Certain songs also pop on at uncanny moments to give us positive messages.

There are many beautiful ways that I believe spirits speak to us. Just remember the good ones will never startle you, scare you, tell you what to do directly, or leave you feeling scared or confused. They come in the light, not the shadows.

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