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Why You Should Be Stretching Daily To Improve Your Long-Term Health

So you’re ready to start your journey to increased flexibility. But where to begin? Simply stretching for five minutes each day can make a world of difference, and working in the basics (toe touch, quad stretch, and single leg seated stretch) can help lengthen your muscles with ease over time.

If you can’t touch your toes right away, try bending your knees or working to get further to the ground with each passing day. It can also be useful to stretch with a yoga block handy or even a resistance band to loop around your feet or legs to deepen your stretches. It may be uncomfortable at first, but that means you’re on the road to progress.

“Use props to achieve an appropriate stretch without contorting your body,” suggests Kostyukovsky. “Props can include but are not limited to: yoga blocks, yoga strap, bolsters, a wall, and/or a counter.” Engaging in basic mobility exercises before working out is another great place to start, says Williams, but make sure to follow up your workout with static stretches to keep you feeling loose and limber as your muscles heal.

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