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Winter Solstice 2022 Rituals: Make Your Own Light On The Darkest Day Of The Year

Around this time, many cultures believe that the archetypal Great Mother gave birth to a sun child. The Egyptian deity Isis gave birth to Horus, the sun god. The Greek Leto gave birth to a shining Apollo. In matriarchal religions, the goddess herself (Besana, Amaterasu, and Sun Woman) experiences a rebirth.

In keeping with the theme of reinvention and lighting yourself up from within, here are some of my favorite rituals to do during this time of year:


Press the “listen button.”

Nothing new can emerge while you are frantically running around. You need silence and solitude to hear your inner guidance. I often think of it as pushing a talk button to communicate with God, our higher self, and the world. We are constantly asking for information and feedback. Yet, without pushing the “listen button,” we miss the answers.

Use the solstice as an opportunity to unplug from all devices and give yourself some alone time. Spend time journaling on anything that comes to you.


Release what doesn’t serve you.

I once heard someone describe holding on to past stories as carrying around old suitcases on your shoulders. At different stages of our lives, some beliefs are necessary for our development. You wouldn’t give a 2-year-old a box of matches or let them walk across a crowded city street alone. However, there comes a time when you can safely light a match and cross the street by yourself.

Holding on to the old patterns that sabotage your success makes no sense. Playing it small has no place in this new season. Everyone’s light counts.

In the days ahead, take the time to physically clear out the old (i.e., declutter your home and clean up your electronics) and release the energy that doesn’t serve you, too. Write down everything that you have created or taken on that does not support you. Safely burn the paper in a fireproof bowl or fireplace. When the ashes are cool, give them to the earth.


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Go outside for sunrise and sunset.

On sunrise the day of the solstice, go outside and acknowledge the illuminating power of the sun. Ask that it illuminate your heart and mind. Then blow the bubbles or ring a bell to release regrets, worries, or concerns.

Then, go outside and watch the setting sun on the shortest day of the year. Blow bubbles or ring the bell to share your hopes and dreams with the Universe.


Shine your light.

The winter solstice gives us the promise of new life. How can you shine your light out into the world? A small amount of light can illuminate a lot of darkness. In that spirit, do some random acts of kindness this week.

Start by sending affirming, loving messages to friends. Say “I’m there for you,” “You are awesome,” “I appreciate our friendship,” etc. This simple act can turn a bad day into something sweet. Feel free to offer sincere compliments to anyone else in your life today too. Tell the barista you appreciate his friendly attitude, compliment your co-worker on a project, smile at a neighbor, or post a message on social media that is positive and inspiring.

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Do a walking meditation.

Mindful walking can be a way to awaken our senses as we notice the sights, smells, and sounds in our surroundings. Here are some cues to make your next walk more mindful and give yourself permission to be fully present in your life:

Go outside and pay attention to the sensations of your feet as they touch the ground. Be intentional as you walk and notice how your body feels. Can you feel the air against your skin? The sun on your face? Notice your breathing.What do you see as you walk? Really pay attention to the colors, the shapes, and the textures. Walk down a street you normally do not go on and discover something new about your town or city.What do you hear as you are on this walk? Birds singing? Cars passing by? Kids playing?What can you smell? Something sweet? Earthy? Perfume from the person walking by you? Food from a nearby restaurant?

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Create an abundance elixir.

To welcome an abundant winter season, mix the following in a bowl:

3 drops vetiver essential oil2 drops patchouli oil1 drop ginger oilMix with 1/8 cup of a base oil (olive, almond, sesame, safflower, sunflower, jojoba)Rub onto a green candle and burn while affirming: “Money comes to me easily, in multiple ways. Increasing the ways, I give and receive.”

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You can also rub a drop or two on your money before you use it to enhance prosperity.


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