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Your Horoscope For The First Week Of 2023 Is In: What’s In The Stars For You?

Traditional romance takes a backseat to chill bonding this Tuesday, January 2, as flirtatious Venus sashays into progressive Aquarius.

From unconventional arrangements to FWB situations, this freedom-loving cycle could inspire you to mix things up.

Single? Aquarius rules technology, bringing a high “click-through rate” on the apps. Experiment with blind dates and let friends and co-workers set you up.

Attached? Socialize as a couple and strengthen the foundation of friendship in your relationship. Don’t feel compelled to play by the rules if you’re yearning for something a bit outside the lines. From bringing in a “guest star” to planning for a family, the stage is set for exploration and negotiation. You don’t have to actually do any of the things you discuss. Talking about them might be spicy enough during this sapiosexual cycle!


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Pop-up suggestion for you this Thursday: Expand your horizons and think beyond the box!

As the confidence-boosting Capricorn Sun teams up with inventive and original Uranus in Taurus, the spark of possibility ignites! First step? Stop focusing on what you would do instead of actually doing it. Shift your mindset from “Maybe if…” to “Let’s try…” during this visionary moment. Bring in tools, technology, and cutting-edge procedures to manifest your goal. Since Mercury is retrograde until January 18, you might want to keep these visions on a scratchpad for now, then take them into the lab when the backspin ends in a couple of weeks.

The first full moon of 2023 glows in warm, caring Cancer on Friday, January 6 (6:07 p.m. EDT).

Under these nurturing beams, you’ll be closely connected to your emotions–good reason to keep the tissue box handy to dab any tears.

Should a dear friend cross your mind, don’t let it be a passing thought. With Mercury retrograde opposing this full moon, that pull to reach out could be a near-psychic one. A cathartic coffee date could get you both back to center after the buzz (and stress) of the holidays. Under Cancer’s domestic influence, home life is equally top of mind. First project of the new year? Rearranging your living room, updating your bedroom furniture–or changing your address entirely! In love, this lunar light softens hearts and draws out everyone’s sentimental side. Cozy up under the cashmere throw with your favorite plus-one (or just by yourself). Binge a new series, cook something simple and nourishing, and talk about your feelings. Yes, really!

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