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Your Valentine’s Week Love Forecast Is In: What To Expect, From Astrologers

St. Valentine comes in for a wild landing this Tuesday, February 14–and you’ll find him going through customs at the international terminal.

The moon’s in passionate, adventurous Sagittarius, the sign of the traveler. While this is sure to spice up the day with spontaneity, here’s a spoiler alert: it doesn’t exactly spell “mushy gushy romance.” And unless you’re single and loving it (which is a perfectly fine category to be in!), it won’t help matters much that the moon trines liberated Jupiter in autonomous Aries this V-Day. While we hate to rain on your romantic parade, this fiery, physical energy bodes well for baring bodies, but souls? Not quite so much.

Tuesday’s skies create an environment of laughter and fun, not heavy sentiment or tear-jerker trappings. A pair of tickets to a comedy club or a goofy activity like indoor golf could be a hit. If you’ve got the time and the dime to travel, a quick romantic getaway could be lovely under these globetrotting moonbeams.

Fear not: You can still get sentimental. On Wednesday, February 15, two of the solar system’s dreamiest co-stars–Venus and Neptune–spoon shamelessly in poetic Pisces.

Reality? Take a pass on that. This cosmic connection only comes once annually, opening hearts everywhere.

Think of it as a bonus Valentine’s Day where the warm-fuzzy feelings just gush out with artistic flair. (That ought to compensate for the Sagittarius moon making everything into a crass, fifth-grade joke right when someone makes an earnest, heartfelt confession!)

Wednesday’s heavenly heart-to-heart brings a fairy-tale quality to all romantic interactions, so feel free to pump up the volume like a retro boombox. While it’s easy to get swept away in Cupid’s trance, try to keep one glass slipper planted on solid ground. The risk of this fantasy-fueled energy is that you could get sucked into a charming player’s undertow. Since Pisces is the sign of forgiveness, this peacekeeping mashup supports all fence-mending activities. If you’re the one extending the olive branch, why not sweeten the deal with a flower arrangement?


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Thursday’s union of the optimistic Sun and pessimistic Saturn could bring you back down to Earth quickly.

But if this once-per-year transit is good for anything, it’s to help you weigh the pros and cons. With both planets in Aquarius, logical solutions emerge that can decomplexify ongoing problems. But as the ringed taskmaster casts a shadow over El Sol, your buoyant hopes and optimistic plans could get a harsh reality check. Watch for heavy moods under this annual “downer day.”

Instead of getting discouraged, go back to the drawing board and put a solid plan in place. If you lose perspective, remember that this weighty energy will pass by tomorrow. Have you been diligently paying your dues? Your efforts could reach their tipping point at last, attracting the hard-earned respect of an industry leader. Give credit where it’s due, then accept kudos with grace.

On Saturday, February 18, the Sun floats into Pisces’s idyllic orbit, serving enchantment and empathy.

Imagination reigns supreme for the next four weeks–a refreshing change after geeky-freaky Aquarius season. Ditch the algorithms and social theory and reach for your tarot cards and book on attachment styles. With everyone’s sixth sense dialed up during this ethereal time of year, your hunches could be as solid a GPS as your Waze app.

Nurture your spiritual side and explore an artistic avenue such as music, painting, or dance. This unbound creative surge could yield divine downloads from the muse. Compassion is on trend during this boundary-dissolving solar cycle, but warning–so is codependence and sacrifice. While it’s great to focus on people’s potential, you could fall in love with a fantasy version of them. Hoisting anyone too high on a pedestal can cause you to miss red flags. Keep your feet on the ground even if your head is in the clouds.

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