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You’re Not Reaping All The Benefits Of Turmeric Unless You Take It In This Form

For turmeric potency+, the destination is your bloodstream, where those bioactive, antioxidant-rich curcuminoids–along with other essential plant compounds in turmeric–can get to work. The full-spectrum turmeric in our supplement, Acumin(TM), has actually been shown to measurably increase curcuminoid levels in the blood for up to 24 hours after consumption in healthy people.* In fact, clinical research shows that it’s up to 10 times more bioavailable than other popular forms of turmeric:*+

By enhancing curcuminoid status in the body so dramatically, Acumin(TM) turmeric goes above and beyond to support joint and muscle health, digestive function, immunity, and whole-body health.*

“Thanks to advanced formulation and technology, the highly potent turmeric featured in mbg’s turmeric potency+ has been optimized for bioavailability and bioefficacy,”* physician and Ayurvedic medicine expert Avanti Kumar-Singh, M.D., says of the product.

To enhance and sustain the health benefits of turmeric even further, we added two more plant powerhouses to turmeric potency+: ginger and piperine.

“Turmeric and ginger interestingly belong to the same plant family (Zingiberaceae). They act in similar ways in the body through key antioxidant and immunomodulatory actions to support a healthy inflammatory response. While turmeric and ginger have their similarities, they also work via unique biological pathways, too, giving these powerful spices synergy and individual benefits,”* Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, mbg’s vice president of scientific affairs, says of the pairing.

Black pepper–a natural bioavailability enhancer–is the finishing touch on the super-absorbable supplement that’s getting rave reviews from Ayurveda and longevity experts.*

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